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Slice of Life Day 21 of 31

on March 21, 2017

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16 Responses to “Slice of Life Day 21 of 31”

  1. Milena says:

    March 21, 2017
    Spring break known as “Semana Santa” here in Venezuela. Semana Santa people go to places like margarita, Merida, and Aruba. I’m going to Merida my dad paid an hotel to be there the whole week. We are going to Peak Bolivar and to see the snow ( I had never see or touch snow). It’s going to be cold I’m going to drink hot cocoa! And sometimes people go to church to prey. My family go all over Venezuela states to spend Semana Santa. The meaning of spring break in Spanish is “Semana Santa”. I loved Semana Santa. It’s really nice to spend a week we your family in another places. Bye!!!!!!!!

  2. Camila C says:

    Today I am going to write about what is Semana Santa. Semana Santa is because there are 40 days that you need to like if you always you use the iPad in that 40 days you don’t use it still Semana Santa. Semana Santa is on 10 to 16 of April. It is a break of 6 days. I don’t really why they call that break Semana Santa. Those days we don’t have school. Here in Venezuela we don’t have school I don’t know in other country. In Semana Santa I will go to Margarita with my friends. I will go to the beach and have some fun. Then I return and I need to go to the school. That is all of my writing.

  3. Santiago says:

    Santiago 3/21/17
    On my spring break I will go to the USA. I am from Venezuela. In Venezuela we call spring break “Semana Santa.”. Here we leave on the 10th of April and come back the 16th. I am leaving on the first because I am going to the US. I do not know what my friends will do. The only thing I know is that then we will have Star Trek simulator. Last time I was hacker. It was tough.

  4. Diana says:

    Today I’m going to talk about Semana Santa. Semana Santa is a holiday in Venezuela. Semana Santa is a parade that people celebrate. They make a parade for all the people. They give picture for there family if they want. They put many foods, drinks, and cooking. I will do in my break is going the beach for 3 day. Then I will go my house to play many game. Then I will watch tv. Also I will sleep.

  5. Jean says:

    In SeamanaSanta I will go to Aruba. There I will see my cousin. Then I can write my 🚴 bike. Then I would go ride a car in a place that is close to a place that is called donkey donut. There we are going to like celebrare my birthday because in my birthday I won’t be hear. They’re we would see our uncle. And I there my family would go to donkey donuts. Then I will come in the next Monday. I will have a good time in Aruba. I will go to the beach to.

  6. Anabella says:

    My mom. She is called Adriana Alvarenga. She has 33 years old and she is the best of all the moms. She has brown hair and with yellow stripes. She dresses Beautiful like an butterfly that is flying on the air. She has the best eyes of all. She helps me on the homework when I don’t understand. She always cares about me.

  7. Pedro says:

    March 21, 2017


    Do you know what is Semana Santa is? I’m going to tell you what is Semana Santa. Semana Santa is a celebration that we celebrate here in Venezuela.In Semana Santa we don’t have school for 1week. In Semana Santa you can go to places and have fun with your family or friends. In Semana Santa I whant to go to Miami. In Semana Santa you could go to church. In Semana Santa you have lots of fun. You can do it. Semana Santa is one of my favorite celebration.

  8. Camila M says:

    What is semana santa???. Is like our school break. In this time many Venezuelan people go to church. Others spend time with families members and having fun. The semana santa starts in April 10. The semana santa is from Monday 10 to Sunday 17. Venezuela loves this holiday because is when we can have our break. Many Catholics spend time at church to give thanks. So now you now how Venezuela celebrates semana santa. I hope you like it.

  9. Anabella says:

    Do you know what is Semana Santa? It is the most wonderful celebration in all Venezuela. Because we do not have school from Monday to Sunday. Is that a incredible thing for the kids that are on venezuela. So if you were on one of these schools you will have Semana Santa. So on this free week I will go and visit my family and working on my garden. And maybe go to the beach. So I will have a lot of fun on my Semana Santa!

  10. Carlota says:

    Do you know what is semana santa well semana santa is a holiday that we go to places and have fun. In semana santa I’m going to Orlando and Semana santa you go to church too. It will be so fun. You will also pray to god. We see parades and we celebrate it after Easter 🐣. It will be fun because we will try to find the golden egg. I will bring old shoes so I don’t get mud on my new shoes. We will not have school. Orlando will be fun.

  11. Alejandra says:

    Do you know what Semana Santa is? Semana Santa is like a spring break. Here in Venezuela we call it like that. That is spring break but in Spanish. Here in Venezuela we celebrate it like this. We have a whole week without school. We can spend time with our families. We can go to the beach. Finally, we can go travel to a place. This is what we do in Semana Santa here in Venezuela. Bye!! I hope you learn what Semana Santa is!!!

  12. Christian says:

    In semana santa you celebrate about god. It is also called Holy Week. There are a lot of parades it has some people dressed with everything covered. Semana Santa was created in the 20th and 21th centuries. Inside Holy Week we also celebrate Easter. In semana santa I eat grapes to send wishes to god. I like semana santa. It is the best thing. I always go to Margarita to celebrate it. I wish all my dreams could come true. I also wish I make my goals.

  13. Beth Rogers says:

    Milena I am excited that you get to touch snow! I hope you will write about it! I like how you and your classmates explain Semana Santa.

  14. Ms.Isberg says:

    Thank you for reading our posts. Milena says, “Thanks for looking at my post.” Maybe you can tell your students about Semana Santa (Holy Week in English). What is your classroom blog address? Where are you from? Thanks again!

  15. Ramon says:

    On Tuesday I was really sick.I didn’t go to school.I felt so bad that I couldn’t got to school.
    I stay all day at my house. .

  16. Fanny says:

    Today I didn’t go to the school because I have fever . But I still have to do my solsc (slice of life story challenge). My lip hurt a lot maybe is because I have fever. Also my temperature is38 .I wanna cry 😭 . I want to play with Milena, Camila.M , and Lecticia. They are my b.f.f . We do gymnastic together everyday.I don’t know if I can go to school tomorrow or not . I hope I can.

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